ongSuSan provides you with a window on Korea
Guests at
YongSuSan include Koreans and.
  well-known people from all over the world.
And they consistently say that
there is no better place than
YongSuSan to
experience Korean cuisine.

How come?
YongSuSan serves the Kaesong fare of
the ancient Koryo Dynasty which was
the golden era of Korean cuisine.
YongSuSan's Kaesong cuisine will delight all your

YongSuSan enables you to savour the rich taste of
native Korean cuisine as it was in the Kaesong era.
YongSuSan , special consideration is given to
ensuring our guests from all over the world can
relax and enjoy themselves. We will prepare special
servings for individuals on request.
We hope that you will come and experience
YongSuSan's fine fare when you visit Korea.

♣The name 'YongSuSan' is derived from the name
    of a mountain in Kaesong.
    The characters of YongSuSan mean 'dragon',
    'water' and 'mountain' respectively.



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